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Buying or Selling

Many homebuyers and homeowners prefer to buy and sell homes without the involvement of a realtor. All City Title Company is here to help you in this endeavor. Our extensive relationships with area lenders, mortgage brokers, builders, appraisers, inspectors and other real estate professionals can help you purchase and sell your home or other property if you have decided to do so without the assistance of a realtor.

All City Title Company will also serve as escrow agent, and hold the contract deposit in its trust account so both Buyer and Seller can feel confident and secure.

In addition to providing the requisite title insurance services, such as searching and examining the history of the property for title defects, All City Title Company's attorneys will prepare all documents required for the transaction.

Don't let the countless details of buying or selling your property overwhelm you! At All City Title Company we have a passion for the details, and for bringing them together resulting in a smooth and professional buying or selling experience.


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